Moon Cycle Refill

  • 3 Night Pads
  • 9 Day Pads
  • 6 Panty Liners
  • 10 Intimate Wipes
  • 10 Hand Sanitiser Wipes
  • 10 Seat Wipes
Rs. 475.00 Regular price Rs. 528.00

What's in the Box

Monthly Hygiene and Sanitation Refill

3 Night Pads

Heavy Flow

Soft touch rash and odour free 330 MM sanitary pads perfect for heavy flow and worry free nights individually packed in night theme disposable envelopes 

9 Day Pads

Medium Flow

Soft touch rash and odour free 280 MM sanitary pads for your productive day to day life individually packed in day theme disposable envelopes 

6 panty Liners

Panty Liners
Spot Protection

Soft touch rash and odour free panty liners for spot protection before and after your monthly cycle individually packed in rosey breeze theme disposable envelopes 

10 Intimate Wipes

With Tea Tree Oil
and 3.5 PH Level

Enriched with tea tree oil, aloe vera leaf extracts and with 3.5 PH level, take your intimate care to next level. Stay protected from unwarranted infections, bad odour and feel rejuvenated 

10 hand Wipes

With Green Tea

Our hand sanitiser wipes are enriched with green tea essentials and aloe vera leaf extracts  Let's not take germs back home or in your bag.

10 Seat Wipes

Kills 99% Germs
Every Seat has a history

Public loo nightmares? Not anymore, whether you are at home, at work or out there in fields don't control your urge to freshnup with our seat wipes to stay protected